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16/07/12: Secure Monitoring for Identity Federations and Distributed Systems

Generic user accounts are a traditional method used to test the behavior of complex applications and services. But their use tends to raise several security issues and considerations that must be addressed. When this kind of accounts are used inside the organization, system administrators can provide mechanisms to mitigate their impact on security, but when the accounts must be shared with external third-parties, they become more difficult to manage and security is usually forgotten in order to make things work.

The 6th IEEE International Workshop on Middleware Architecture in the Internet, 2012, Izmir, Turkey

17/05/11: Hub-and-spoke federation monitoring

One essential aspect of every network service is the ability to monitor its status along time. There are many mature solutions currently available in the market, but there's still an important lack of what refers to complex web application monitoring. Identity federations, and more precisely, their web profiles, have become critical for institutions, so there's a clear need to develop a monitoring system capable of determining the exact status of the infrastructure, as accurate and close to the user's experience as possible

TERENA Networking Conference, 2011, Prague, Czech Republic


02/06/10: Invitation based authorization in federated systems

Federations are growing faster and bigger in the Internet and, more specifically, in the academic networks. Once solved the main problem of interconnecting services with identity providers and making them talk a common language to exchange identity information, current research is focused on the high level features that should be provided by federated architectures, that is, attribute aggregation and authorization. This paper examines a solution to provide services with an external, distributed way of authorizing their users, easier to deploy than current approaches, making it compatible with group management tools, and finally simpler to use for both users and administrators.

TERENA Networking Conference Proceedings, 2010, Vilnius, Lithuania.